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Fair Lakes Forest HOA

Alteration Request



Send to: Architectural Review Committee
c/o Gates, Hudson & Associates (GHA)
3020 Hamaker Court, Suite 301
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
Phone:  703-752-8300

Fax:  703-876-0304

Name Of Applicant:___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ___________ Zip: ____________

Lot: _____________       Telephone (h) _________________ (w) ___________________

The Architectural Control Committee (ARC) meets to review all requests as they are submitted.   However, architectural requests including appeals will be discussed at the HOA bi-monthly meeting following receipt and review of the architectural request.  All applications must be received at GHA the Friday prior to the meeting.

Proposed Improvement:

Applicant must submit the following information with the application:

1. Site plan showing size, shape and location of improvement to residence and to adjoining properties (including specific dimension of improvement and distances to adjoining properties.

2. Manufacture's brochure, if available.

3. Color samples, if applicable.

4. Architectural plans/drawings (for major additions/improvements).

5. Grading plan, if applicable.

6. Detailed written description of improvement.  If not provided, application will be returned pending additional information.

Applicant hereby warrants that Applicant shall assume full responsibility for:

(i) All landscaping, grading and/or drainage issues relating to the improvements
(including replacing bonds or escrows posted by Developer currently in place affecting the lot);
(ii) Obtaining all required County approvals relating to said improvements;
(iii) Complying with all applicable County ordinances;
(iv) Any damage to adjoining property (including common area) or injury to third persons associated with the improvement.
(v) Applicant hereby states that they have read the Covenants and ARC guidelines and agree that all work performed will be in compliance with both the Covenants and ARC guidelines.

Applicant: You must obtain the signature of each of the impacted lot owners concerning your application.

Impacted Lot Owners: Signing the application does not indicate approval or disapproval of the proposed alteration. Your signature indicates that you have been notified by the applicant of a proposed alteration only. To file an objection for the proposal, you must follow the procedures outlined in paragraph 2 of the Application and Review Procedures Section and paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Procedures Section of the Design Guidelines and submit it to the ARC, c/o GHA within 10 days of signing.  For details, see 





I agree to notify GHA after my approved modification is completed so that the Architectural Committee may inspect the completed project.

Signature of Applicant ____________________________  Date  ______________






Architectural Review Committee Determination & Response

Date Application Received: ___________________

______  Request approved as submitted.

______  Request approved subject to: __________________________________________

______  Response suspended pending submission of: _____________________________

______  Request disapproved because: _________________________________________

Signature ARC Chair ______________________________  Date ____________________


Fair Lakes Forest